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Manga reviews: Nausicaa and F.Compo reviews added.
Anime reviews: Cowboy Be-bop, Mononoke Hime, Cat's Eye and Card Captor Sakura added.

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(Keanu Reeves from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, specially hired by Ajax to present this page)

       Hi! I'm Ted Theodore Logan! Welcome to Ajax's homage to anime and manga, those truly wonderful mediums where such excellent creatures as babes, robot babes, totoros, psyducks and Strikeman reside. Please, choose your destination, and don't forget to fasten your seatbelts. Enjoy the ride, dudes!

      As myself now... Well, every otaku has some things to say about anime and manga, and here's my two cents. I've watched anime all my life, (though I didn't even learn what anime was until I was thirteen), and I've always found it to be one of the most fascinating forms of storytelling around. As most anime wouldn't even exist if it weren't for manga, I've included a section on that as well, in English and in French, since most of the manga I read were in that language (I lived in the French part of Switzerland for a long time).

      I have lots of plans for this page, including shrines to my favorite anime such as Macross Plus, You're Under Arrest and Slam Dunk, a picture presentation of some aspects of anime, and hopefully a few quizzes as well, though Lord knows when I will manage all this stuff... Well, I guess I shouldn't rant anymore and leave you to it. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me for any comments, questions, checks or waterbombs. The latter will be sent back to you filled with glue and root beer. Now that's nasty. On that note, enjoy the page!

Featured links:

Save the rain forests! The Rain Forest Site
This is a site which aims to save as much as it can of the rainforests by having visitors click on sponsors' banners. An excellent initiative, and it doesn't cost you anything except a minute of your time online. You can also sign a petition which will be presented to the UN in September 2000.

Provide food to the hungry The Hunger Site
The sister site of the one above, this one aims to provide food to hungry people by having visitors click on sponsors' banners. Again, completely free.
A great place for finding fanfics, anime or otherwise. Also, you're practically guaranteed reviews by sending your stories there, and it has two nifty features called "author alert" and "review alert", which send you a quick e-mail when your favorite author posts a new story and when someone writes a comment about your story, respectively.

Nakago Fan Club logo Nakago Fan Club!
Of course I'm gonna have a link to the fan club for one of my favorite characters! Apart from that, though, this is an excellent page, with many different sections about Nakago. Very good, all this, except for the tiny font which might cause severe cases of eyestrain.

Trixie Turnpike The Anime Web Turnpike
Just in case you belong to the rare few who haven't heard of the Pike, this is the largest collection of anime links on the net, and it's extremely well organized, too. An admirable site.

Disclaimer: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures and all anime, manga and images thereof that are on these pages are owned by the studios and people who created them. That said, I can't imagine why anyone would want to sue me for using these without permission, I'm only saying I like the stuff...