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      Hi! I'm the Tensai, your host for the page! And I got the job because I'm better than Rukawa! Ha ha ha ha! *wham*

       (Ajax carries Hanamichi, passed out from her punch, away from the webpage) Hm... Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to ask Hanamichi to host... I guess I'll have to take over the explanations...

      As you can see, I have two different anime review pages. The first one is where you can find reviews for popular anime such as Tenchi Muyo, Ranma, Evangelion etc. that are available in the United States. The anime on the second review page might be more obscure for the American fan, though. These anime are mostly TV series that aren't well known in the US, even though many have been broadcast in various European countries. That said, I presume the first page will get more hits, so I played around with the ratings a bit. Here's an explanation:

Ami Plot: Self-explanatory. How intriguing, interesting, original and captivating is the scenario? Rated out of five. The very rare scenarios that take you by the throat and turn you upside down and push you to think about the series and then write up a couple of webpages about it's mysteries ;-) get an Ami award.

Animation: Also rated out of five. Remember that TV series generally have lower budgets than films or OAVS, so it's not reasonable to expect the same quality of animation. A rating of three stars is usually the maximum for a TV series, while a film that doesn't get at least four stars is poorly animated.

Madoka Music: Series with memorable music get a Madoka rating.

PikachuCute factor: For all those kawaii fans out there. Does this series cry pink? Does it stand up to all those Pikachus and Chibi-Usas out there? Exceptionally cute series get a Pikachu rating.

RanmaFun factor: Okay, maybe the animation sucks, or the plot is dumb, but how entertaining is this series? For comedies, the fun factor will usually rate how funny the thing actually is. For action flicks, the fights and/or the chase sequences etc. will be rated. "Great fun" anime get a Ranma rating.

RukawaCoolness factor: Just how cool are those characters? Do they ooze style? Are they sexy, suave? Note that the coolness factor and the cute factor usually negate each other... Extremely cool series get a Rukawa rating.

NakagoOverall rating: This is my final opinion of the anime, but not necessarily an average of the factors above. My favorite anime get a Nakago rating, as I just love Nakago.

Note that the cute, fun and cool factors aren't for an anime to be good, they are merely... extras, I guess. For example, Serial Experiments Lain has none of these but it's still a riveting watch.

Disclaimer: All anime and pictures on this page are copyright their own creators.


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