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Yo. How ya doin'? I'm Priss. Yeah, the singer. Don't go fawning on me, 'cos I get enough of that from Leon. I was asked by this Ajax chick to host this page, so, uh, here I go, I guess. I have this speech I gotta read now, so shut up and listen or I'll kick your ass.

Why another review page? Well, I bet that those of you who've gone through the first page have already seen a lot of the titles mentioned there. Here are a few anime of a different... caleeber? cabeler? Ugh... calibrear?
Hey webmaster?
Why the hell do I hafta read this crap?! I bet half the people don't know these stupid words either!
Sigh. Why do these hosts always turn out dumb?
*Picks Priss up by the neck and carries her away.*

Sorry about that. I seem singularly incapable of picking an intelligent host for my pages, for some reason. Hmmm... I'm too tired of dealing with Priss to do the explaining again, here's the stuff from page 1:

As you can see, I have two different anime review pages. The first one is where you can find reviews for popular anime such as Tenchi Muyo, Ranma, Evangelion etc. that are available in the United States. The anime on the second review page might be more obscure for the American fan, though. These anime are mostly TV series that aren't well known in the US, even though many have been broadcast in various European countries.

The rating system is a bit different on this page, as I don't know some of this series well enough to rate their music, plot etc, so I will simply give each a rating out of 5. Goddess Urd will be with you in the next page to point out the best shows to you.

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