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Oooh! A manga review page! Can Li'l Washu present?! This is the best manga review page I've read! The author must have been inspired by my genius to come up with this! Wai!

Thank you Washu. Yes, I agree that this manga review page is one of the best :-)

Well then. As you can guess from this page, I love reading manga. IMO it has many more advantages when compared to anime, the most obvious being that it's so much cheaper. I think that there is a dearth of good manga review pages on the net, as people prefer to focus on anime. I'm not saying that the existing ones are bad, just that there aren't enough of them. A significant portion of those existing manga review pages are about current Japanese releases, which are mostly inaccessible to western fans. I have tried to make this a comprehensive review page about titles which have been translated into English, French or Italian, possibly all three, and thus more available to those of us who don't speak Japanese.

I have made two versions of this page, one in French and one in English. However I have yet to put my cute ratings and stuff on the French version.

Those of you who have been to my anime review page will remember that I rated different aspects of a show before giving an overall rating. The same happens here.

Plot: How interesting, complex, thought-provoking and well constructed the story is. Rated out of 5.

Art: Again rated out of 5, this tells you how pretty the pictures are, and also how well they are arranged to present the story.

Fun factor: Forget about the plot and the art, just how much plain fun can you get out of this manga? Rated out of 5.

Cool factor: Just how cool, stylish, sexy, talented or athletic are those characters? Do they deserve a 5 out of 5 rating?

Raving WashuOverall rating: This is my final opinion of the manga, but not necessarily an average of the factors above. Highly recommended series get a raving Washu award.

Note: I was too lazy to write up new ones, so some of the summaries might seem familiar since they were taken from the anime review page. But the reviews are different!

Disclaimer: All manga and pictures on this page are copyright their own creators.


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